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New Myth?

I found a roblox account recently called "10_56x" (which is the police code for suicide) and their character is completely black. Their about thing says "Why Did They Leave Me Here" I found this kinda creepy so I wanted to share this with you all.

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• 2/9/2019

New Myth?

A user by the name of Fr0zen0ver has been following me (AlphaDrxgon) for the past few days, and he keeps saying "the world will be frozen over"... I think they may just be wannabes but my friend also said the same thing happened to him, but with a different guy

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• 1/29/2019

A New Myth?

So today I was just on roblox and I saw somebody called ‘neerlee_reer”’ actually I saw him in another myths game. Yes true. It was in a server called “check up reer” on g0z’s game it was really weird he was only in there for about 2 more minutes when I was thinking what to do. But I did actually get a screenshot of his account once he left (I was playing on mobile at the time) but now I can not seem to find it

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• 1/23/2019
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• 1/22/2019


I drew a pic of him and his dead sister

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• 1/20/2019


living2lies is VictimofLies friend and is possessed by voices in his head. Apparently,his sister used to sing him songs to fall asleep before she died.Now he goes crazy when he hears her voice.He may ask you to sing him a song to make him feel calm or fall asleep.

Is he a myth
  • Yep,he's a myth
  • He is only a normal player
  • He is a up coming myth
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• 1/20/2019
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• 1/20/2019

maybe a myth

Well I was play Apocalypse Rising on Roblox and I asked if anyone wanted to play on my VIP server cause I was bored and she said she does and after a bit of playing she asked if we could go to her game she made, and so we did and when we got there it was really really weird, I didn't leave I was thinking to myself maybe she is just emo or edgy, and yeah but she started to tell me a story I remember it being about her parents death but not the whole story and the most weird part is she said she still sees them and talks to them, which creeped me out but i was thinking she might be roleplaying so I played along after a bit I had to leave and do stuff when I got back I wanted to see if she wanted to play more but she unfriended me, I would like to know more about this person and what happened if it was a roleplay or not I hope it is.

(Look at desc) new myth person?
  • Probably something, I'll check it out
  • Probably isn't anything
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• 1/19/2019


anyone heard of this guy i dont know if he is a new myth or not but he claims he will take over roblox soooo is it a myth

or not

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• 1/11/2019
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• 1/5/2019

I think I might have found a Roblox myth, AquaCutie1. She claims she died and is bound to Roblox!

  • It's probably something (I'll check it out)
  • Nah it's really nothing.
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• 1/4/2019


Don't know much about him, but he joined a game asking people if they'd want to 'see his room'. He and someone else left the game, so I went on his profile to see what he meant. He has a place called 'My room.' and only joined today. What do you think, myth or not?

Myth or not?
  • Myth
  • Not a Myth
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• 1/2/2019


I do not know very much about them but a friend of mine has told me about them and has had an experience with them.. As a new member i have decided to have this be my first small myth talk...ill call them 0many0 for short..

0many0 dose not seam much but talks a lot about creepy things and the people who have encountered her seem shook by her...i am trying to figure out more...but my friend said "i meet her on stream_twos place and she was very eerie. She talked about someone she called mother and invited me to her place when i got there it seamed normal and such but there were pictures of weird things in a house in the distance along with a bloody door behind the house and when she cought me in there she kicked me off and removed the place entirely. Later i received a message she said she was mad and so was mother that i found them and i haven't talked to her sense." im trying to get more info but she is refusing to accept my friend request. Give me your opinion.

Could this be something big?
  • Yes, we need to search more.
  • No, lets just leave it be.
  • .Comments.
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• 1/1/2019


VictimofLies has a sad backstory.One day I talked to him and I asked if he wants to be a myth but he got mad at me and said “I don’t want to be more than what I already am”.

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• 12/27/2018

I would like to warn EVERYONE

There is a user named Bumble, who is trying to take out an admin on RCW. Please, don't listen to him. He's full of unproved bias and propaganda. I repeat, DO NOT LISTEN TO HIM.

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• 12/22/2018
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• 12/22/2018
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• 12/20/2018
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• 12/19/2018


So, basically I was playing on the facility. I went to Jewks cell and there was this dude saying. “Jewky!” “Come here, I just wanna eat your organs!” It was creepy. Then, after this he started to jump around the glass saying “LET ME OUT!” In all caps. To make it weirder I joined the facility later he was there. This time he said “No body is here, it’s dinner time.” I’ll like his games for the questions below. |


So, I need help and your opinions.
  • Real?
  • Wannabe?
  • Could it be either?
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• 12/11/2018
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