101752 joined 6/5/2015, this account was a normal account played lots of adventure games and action games like prison life. In his second year of playing roblox, things started to change. The user started getting depression and issues with his health. Every single day, he quoted “Death”. His Friends were shocked, why he would say this quote everyday. A year came by, 2017. Things were really bad. The user became Unknown and creepy. He never stopped saying death. He quoted “Death is time, life is changing. Death is ticking like a bomb. It will blow soon. Death is hurtful.” In 2018, the user was suicidal, abusive to the outside world. Every night, rumors say he carved death onto the walls in his room. His parents would lock his door and windows. It was like an asylum to him. One day, his body was hanging off a tree... The family was heart broken and destroyed. To this day, his account would sometimes be online. Some say a person took his account or hes alive.