• LokisAMood


    February 13, 2019 by LokisAMood

    Hey there! I was wondering about a person on roblox named SeaStill. I wanted to know if he was an actual myth or not. Could someone try to friend him and find out more about him, or attempt to follow him into games and find out more about him?

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  • DJ10wiki

    What are your guys' thoughts?

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  • Mileyminy12

    0many0 geting serious

    January 2, 2019 by Mileyminy12

    0mahogony0 is getting serious as she has talked with stream_advisor and were haveing a long detailed discussion about tommorow.. Something about the shapes in the facility.. And how many will die and something about wipeing the world clean for the forth time. And a thing called the spectator..

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  • Boringdeadpool404


    December 30, 2018 by Boringdeadpool404

    Guys we need more info on the cult family.... -_-

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  • Bumbletruck

    We want the wiki here to vote, RCW cheaters will try to rig it though.

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  • Bumbletruck

    We are gonna try to adopt this wiki and go against Wolf so that we can reunite this wiki with RCW to become allies, after that, our hostile attitudes against each other will be no more.

    I want you all to go on RCW and tell them what they are doing is not right with Wolf, they are hurting their relationships between other wiki's and causing division between them, some wiki's like MCW are saying that we are going down a wrong path here with our wiki's relations between other's.

    If you believe in a alliance with other wiki's and want Wolf to step down on RCW, join me and comment here so we can rally for my unban on RCW, Doofday's, and Sujina, after that, we will call for his departure and we will make wiki's or other underground communications …

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  • Vlnce1982


    December 11, 2018 by Vlnce1982

    There's been this very strange person named Squelette_82 following me into games. I see them absolutely everywhere and I'm very terrified, I have my settings so that no one can follow me into games but... Even in the most obscure places I still see them. Can anyone help?

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  • Ooflings

    Im Gukiogi. A new myth.

    November 24, 2018 by Ooflings

    Hi, I'm Gukiogi. Pronounce my name (GUK-ee-oh-JEE) If there are any myths who want to friend me and help me get popular. Please do friend me. Gukiogi on roblox. Thanks!

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  • RawCookiDough


    November 17, 2018 by RawCookiDough

    People keep vandalizing pages

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  • Kyle Numb


    November 11, 2018 by Kyle Numb


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  • Jewk


    October 20, 2018 by Jewk

    I'm where I belong. My hometown.

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  • OHG00Dreal

    Deadm8te:Roblox myth

    October 18, 2018 by OHG00Dreal

    deadm8te is my friend on roblox i heard him say that this website was writeing bout him so i wanted to check it out

    and this is just yeah.... im a myth hunter and when i see some one pertending to be me i f***ing get mad so the OHG00D user name is fake im legit i can prove it and put "real" on my pro file AKA OHG00D on roblox

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  • ScoobaDooba


    September 26, 2018 by ScoobaDooba

    Aye, I need some help finding out if Forraen is a myth or not, can you help me investigate their story? Thanks, this will help me alot

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  • Ryritz

    Dear rm go fuck yourself you know me as that bitch that named myself safeguard and managed to get all my alts banned ya know kryptokruz oh yeah delta go fuckyourself and sour i hope you break your neck and

    die i have stage 3 brain cancer im supposed to die within 2 years so i wanna gdc out big

    to your right you see delta after he gets shot in the head

    now heres me 

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  • FoxyGlitching

    HQ Ghost Documentary

    September 5, 2018 by FoxyGlitching

    I Joined ROBLOX 2 Years Ago, My First Time Playing Was AWESOME, Today I'm Gonna Explore The HQ with 2 of My Friends. IceWinter396 and AlexMiau.

    Me: Ready Guys?

    Ice: I Think I Have The Guts

    Alex: HELL YEAH!

    Me: Don't Get To Attached

    Ice: The Fuck Does That Mean?

    Me: Nothing!

    Me: We're Here!

    Ice: Looks Normal

    Alex: *Possesed* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


    Alex Bangs His Head on a Knife

    Ice and Me: SHIT!!!

    Me: Ice Leave Now!

    Ice: OK

    Me and Ice Left The Game and The Skype Call


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  • Landon12345667

    Found a myth

    September 1, 2018 by Landon12345667

    I was looking on here and found a wiki about this myth. Advice you to hunt him.

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  • AOnceLovedRose

    Well recently I have been playing some random games like natural disasters and jail break and some other games on the main page, and I have been coming across a familiar face in a lot of my games recently.



    Now I know there are a lot of wanna be myths but this one grabbed my attention, *it* has the appearance of a Mime and your thinking, well yea a lot of people dress up like mimes, but here's the thing, when I tried to talk to *it* it never responded, and *it* only seemed to move when no one was looking at *it* when you were looking at *it* it just sat there and..watched. So then I decided to look at *it's* profile and that's when things got weird, in It's description it said " Hi I am Mocksy the mocking mime" but if you scrolled dow…

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  • Everyusernameistakenomg

    New myth?

    August 25, 2018 by Everyusernameistakenomg

    I was in one of Dr. Forests' games when I saw a person named Naheira.

    She has one game uploaded and it's... interesting? There's already a submission on her but idk. Not a lot is known ig.

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  • Hungryboi1

    We all know of myths on roblox right? Well there like creepypastas, except some myths do have an actual profile.But they are Roblox's most mysterious mysteries in the game.Here we are all targeting these myths.We study them.We need to do anything just to get a chance with them alone. Some like AloneToCome and ERROR_E945 are not common myths.But any myth, is a good myth.So im counting on YOU to step up and share to the world your info on these myths. Thank you ;)

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  • RawCookiDough

    Sad Corner?

    August 21, 2018 by RawCookiDough

    I found this weird ad that leads you to a group named Sad Corner.

    It doesn't immediately let you join but I still found it interesting.

    The owner's name is SunsetOVERSNIPE

    the only simple way to get to the group is to click on one of their ads.

    so I hope this gets more attention

    It looks weird

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  • Dopppe

    Story of Me dopppe

    August 10, 2018 by Dopppe

    Hello I'm Roxxx (aka Dopppe) and I am a Robloxian Myth Hunter, if you would like to find me on roblox My username is xxxdopppetacion, named after my old account dopppe, that was hacked :(. I Like to explore beyond and expose the deep and dark secrets on roblox, iv'e been doing this since 2012. A couple of myths i have exposed over the years; imreallyher, (more to come)

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  • GoQQmode

    TRUST is changing he has another brother HELP_657 they are simple but act like bots here is his HELP_657 profile 

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  • ScoobaDooba

    Okay, I was just looking around myth groups, and I found these guys. Very new myths. They joined today but are already myths in 3 groups (How?) but their story’s are very interesting. They seem kind of like a CAROLlNE CLlNTEN rip off so far, but hey, it’s their first day. So yeah, they aren’t popular or anything. I just thought other hunters should know. Lol, yeah and goodbye.

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  • DJ10wiki

    heres his game and his account

    what do you guys think.

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  • Identity 506

    Entry 507

    July 21, 2018 by Identity 506

    507 seems to be doing good so far..all DNA changes have gone perfectly with him. Finally things seem to be working.

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  • Akdaz3


    July 17, 2018 by Akdaz3

    (I posted this on the Myth Files page before, I'm sorry)

    Hey, quick post here, but does anyone knows about JarzaTheJester? I can't find his account anymore, but I once visited his place and talked a little bit with him. His place was an amusement park but there was nothing much interesting in it, except a morse code message in the staff room (I took a screenshot of it, but I can't find it in my folders). Though, around the amusement park was a big dark forest, and there was many like houses with dead people - he would say that it's only dummies and ketchup - , graveyards and some other stuff. Also, there was many persons in the game that seemed to know things about Jarza - I friended one, I think. I'll update if I find the guys' username -. …

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  • Piy12344443


    July 16, 2018 by Piy12344443

    Most of the stuff I say is based on a ROBLOX myth known as Reaperkid26. The story isn't true however the profile Reaperkid26 exists in ROBLOX. Lets Begin at The Beginning

    In 2008 I played Roblox at that time. I loved it. But I found this profile called Reaperkid26. He was like any normal person at that time in 2008 but one thing he had a weird pentagram on his chest when you clicked the link it brought you to a delited shirt link (now you can look at the shirt he had it before it was made?). . There was also this game called "Reaperkid26 place" made by Reaperkid. At the time I already forgot who Reaperkid was, so I played it.  It was the normal Roblox starter game besides a few things the sky is dark and there is weird bodys everywhere.

    Now …

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  • Erwin cuevas

    In 2013, I found this is a now-closed placed that he has created.


    It looks like something you would put in a Byte Beat generator, maybe you guys should see for yourself. I don't have much time on my hands right now.



    get rickrolled you son of a bitch

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  • Lynxity

    Can someone help me?

    July 1, 2018 by Lynxity

    I'm really unsure how to do this so bear with me.

    I'm more of a lurker myself, but I enjoy playing certain games that have mysteries to them - or you just don't know the story behind it. That has nothing to do with this, however.

    I recently came across a player named "Nidusly" in one of the myth hunters games. It(he?) sorta just followed people around, did the /e wave and /e laugh multiple times, and sometimes spoke in chat.

    I checked the profile and while the player's game is just the basic roblox starter place, there is some interesting stuff to read on there and one thing to take note of was that it had to do with 'lies', which seemed to be the theme.

    I also noticed that sometimes it would say this exact line in game at random periods; 

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  • Danielisgamer


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  • Fornable

    The Black Hack isnt well know, but he is obviously trying to get seen, by hacking one of my friends. Not much is known. Which is why I am trying to get help. He has hacked Skurged, Starfame61, Slenderslayer12344, and many more. He doesnt remain active for very long but he leaves marks. I am trying to get help with this binary code too. He hacked Skurged's Discord (He gave back the access...) and he messaged everybody this before leaving; "01001001b,00100000b,01101000b,01100001b,01110110b,01100101b,00100000b,00100010b,01001000b,01100001b,01100011b,01101011b,01100101b,01100100b,00100010b,00100000b,01010100b,01101000b,01101001b,01110011b,00100000b,01100110b,01100101b,01101100b,01101100b,01101111b,01110111b,00100000b,01110110b,01101001b,011000…

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  • 06maran

    New myth????

    June 29, 2018 by 06maran

    I was playing some jailbreak i leaved i was looking for some old roblox accounts this is one of the numbers 8222 and many more....I was looking at the badges and items and they all were the same or kinda the same Proof:

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  • CreatorQuin

    I got the mk assessment badge and i can't seem to get anyones attencion for them to upgrade my account

    pls help

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  • ItsKray

    Possible New Myth??

    June 27, 2018 by ItsKray

    Hello Fellow Myth Hunters!!

    I've recently stumbled across a group of three roblox users, 1a2q3s4w5d6e7f8r9g, S3ND_H3LP, and C0Nt3nT_De13ted.

    1a2q3s4w5d6e7f8r9g has a game called "radio.exe" which takes place in the forest.

    All three roblox accounts have bios about how "the children are in good hands."

    I speculate, that if you maybe search through the forest, you will find these children.

    Who's hands are they in, though? I'm not sure, but clearly, 1a2q3s4w5d6e7f8r9g is the leader of the three, as S3ND_H3LP and C0Nt3nT_De13ted have bios that say "he has them" or "they are in good hands" whereas 1a2q3s4w5d6e7f8r9g's bio says "they are safe."

    I guess this implies 1a2q3s4w5d6e7f8r9g has the children?

    1a2q3s4w5d6e7f8r9g is also friends with "missing_pe…

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  • CaptainDan060907


    June 26, 2018 by CaptainDan060907

    I don't play Roblox that often. I mean, even If i do I just play fighting games or FPS games. However, last Tuesday I got bored of playing Fortnite so I logged onto my Roblox account and looked for something to play. I was scrolling through the games section when one game came into my view. It was called " Amazing FPS Battles". The thumbnail looked attracting so I gave the game a try. After a few minutes of loading, I finally joined the game. However, the game looked nothing like the thumbnail. It was all dark and had no music. There was no one in the game so I decided I got tricked. However, when I was about to leave a player joined. His/Her name was Username060907. I noticed that the digits 060907 were the same as in my username. I guess…

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  • RiskoZoSlovenska

    So, you wanna finish the MK Assessment, eh? I did it, and trust me, its a great feeling finishing it (especially after you have been stuck on it for a day or two).

    However, I don't like people just giving away the answers, as I think you are only truly worthy if you got it the legit way. So why am I writing this? To help you finish it - without giving away the answers. Sure, you could go go pretty much any of the other discussions and so on, but I recommend reading this instead - it feels better after you finish it the legit way.

    Stage One - Lobby

    This is where you spawn and there's nothing to do here. You spawn if front of a door, however you can't access it. You need to walk to the other side of the room, and go through THAT door (click the…

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  • XPAdventureYT


    June 3, 2018 by XPAdventureYT

    been playing roblox a lot and I started joining groups when I joined this group called [Secret] I decided to join it because my friends told me that I would like it. So When I joined all the sudden all the players left the group. And I got put into a game called Tick Tock. By thedevilheis... At that exact moment I shutdown and roblox due to their being a jumpscare upon joining.... After that I could not log in to my account and now its called thedevilheis1. I got super upset so I got on a extra account and friended my hacked account and I told him please give me it back... All he said was "set us" I would love if someone told me who he was and why is he doing this... All I know is that thedevilheis is the only one with a game an…

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  • JayJohnAndJeremy


    May 12, 2018 by JayJohnAndJeremy

    Myth Hunter Colinzya

    C-Block "Containment Level"



    Subject Name: B40L1NG

    RM Classification: C "Dangerous"

    Containment Number: RMF-E-0042

    Last Recorded Incident: May 5 2018

    At first glance, B40L1NG, or if you want to call him Bao Ling (like how I like calling him) is a fully red skinned humanoid with a darker shade of red on his left arm, right leg and head. Looking like a weird demonic entity, it's rumored that after befriending Bao Ling, he will take you to his place labeled "Tea Time!", when you join, he gives you some pretty messed up questions. If you answer them all, he'll say the phrase "In the next night, knock knock." or "Rat a tat tat.". A couple of users have suddenly go offline for almost forever af…

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  • DJ10wiki

    um i think i met OldHughes in person, can someone take a look, he had the look and the name and everything

    The questions i asked and answers:

    Me.are you real

    OH.what do you mean

    Me.are you a myth

    OH. yes (or something along those lines) you have any info

    OH.i dont know many other myths

    Me.who do you know

    • he leaves before i can ask another question

    Note: the first 1st question and answer were not caught on video

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    Right now, about 5 or 6 myths actually have information about them. Recently, we created a RUST_010 file but sadly, we do not know how to put it into the myth recorder. Our team is working on the other myths while you read this, but we eed your help with some information. Any information will be helpful. Thank you.

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