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Alright, in order to bring some good out of these terrible stories, I'll make a list of ten tips on how to make a myth that isn't obviously created by you/obviously a wannabe. Not any guarentee it will be good, but it will at least not make me cringe in reading it.

DoubleDenial's Do-Nots of Dark, Depressing DramasEdit

  • No free models (or at least, don't use large ones.)
  • Learn the definition of the word grammar. No one will take you seriously if you can't spell English. Also, you shouldn't be making these if you aren't a fluent English speaker (this is for the kiddos who don't even know English that well yet, foreign people are cool k but still get a better grasp of the language before making a myth)
  • Think like a human! No sane person would write a myth article about a random person who isn't active, or if there's no reason for suspicion. It's one thing to make a terrible myth, it's another to not make one at all.
  • Keep it a secret! That should be obvious, but people keep advertising their own terrible myth accounts in comments or directly in articles! Also, do not describe anything, ANYTHING AT ALL, yours or not, as an "upcoming myth." We're not talking about the release of Shrek 27, or the latest up and coming DJ, we're talking about horror stories.
  • Have some knowledge of programming. You'll need it.
  • Wait till you're older, kiddo. You'll probably have plenty of time to change your mind/improve at overall storytelling. People want to hear a good story with their myth, youknowwhatI'msayin'? Just "ahhh there is blood and he murders people and he comes after flamingo because originality" won't appease anyone.
  • Seriously though. Do not target Flamingo. Like Chuck Norris, you don't come to him. He comes to you. Every single person in the G0z chain and Rust have already done that. No, not that Rust.
  • Originality comes first! The Deadly Dark Dominus (hey look, even more Ds!) and Sarge Extreme Face are both extremely memorable, at least to me, because of how original they are. Even though they're both based off of rare/unreleased official assets, they're still very unique compared to the huge amount of player myths.
  • Remember to follow the formula of the official articles. Any article that is written more like a creepypasta belongs in the Roblox Creepypasta wiki (but just don't).
  • Don't be the thing that wannabe's. Be the thing that be's. Don't make z0G the nwolC, make your own thing.
  • Have some building skill. You don't need to make The Mona Lisa, but make something that looks appealing.
  • Be unique. Don't make a Mary Sue. Here's a real original idea: don't murder people with your character. You can do whatever you want, but please make them original. Think of the lost brain cells!
  • Give me some puzzles, not just a room with corpses and a pentagram. Even if it's just "say something you read on the wall somewhere in chat to open a door," it's still leaps and bounds ahead of the competition! Give us puzzles to help regain the lost brain cells from playing terrible myths!
  • Tell me your story. Okay, got it. Now get rid of everything involving satan, pentagrams, completely black avatars, and any Youtuber.
  • Look, you're probably like 9, I'm not going to tell you to invest in this account. But if you can... please, just do it. You don't have to buy a Dominus or anything flashy, just show us you care. And if you won't do that, then just take the focus off of your avatar and put it on something else! Perhaps use those building skills you have, or that B+ you got in English class (don't worry I'm not that great either)!

Alright, here are the articles.

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