Departments Edit

The Departments are the heart and soul of the Foundation, allowing for a larger range of capabilities, and experiences. However you have to choose departments wisely, you are limited to 1 Primary Department and 2 Secondary Departments. Tertiary Departments have no restrictions and can all be joined if you meet the qualifications. Below is a list of all Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Departments.

Primary Departments Edit

RMS-Roblox's Myths Security Edit

Responsible for the protection of the facilities, maintaining order, safely and peace. Security members are often armed with a baton, taser, jailing tool, riot shield, and pistol. They patrol the facilities, maintain order, enforce rules, operate checkpoints, and oversee all myth experiments.

RMTF-Roblox's Myths Task Force Edit

The RMTF is a collection of elite units dispatched to contain facility wide breaches and fight off hostile targets. Operatives of RMTF are equipped with an arsenal of weaponry including; pistols, SMGs, assault rifles, shotguns, and knives. Each squadron also gets their own special ability. However, RMTF is very particular about who they accept, and is extremely strict.

RMIA-Roblox's Myths Intelligence Agency Edit

They are the source of the foundation's intel. They are tasked with Interrogating myths, investigating otherwise dangerous myths, reviewing personnel for corruption, and doing recon/spy work against hostile groups. The RMIA is meant for players who want a more traditional "myth hunting" way of ranking up in the foundation.

Secondary Departments Edit

RMMD-Roblox's Myths Medical Department Edit

RMMD is responsible for the well being of all wounded personnel. Medics have access to all health stations int he facility, which provide med-kits and cure-alls. As well as access to the Med-Bay, which gives access to the Doctors Bag.

RMSD-Roblox's Myths Scientific Department Edit

RMSD runs tests and scheduled interactions with myths and objects using test subjects and other methods. Scientists are given authority above most others when it comes to testing, except for executives.

RMR-Roblox's Myths Reception Edit

Reception is the welcoming committee to the outside world. Receptionists station the reception booth in the lobby, give tours alongside security and scientists, and answer any questions that visitors may ask.

RMFR-Roblox's Myths Foreign Relations Edit

Foreign Relations hold meetings with other groups and declare them as allies or enemies.

Tertiary Departments Edit

Roblox's Myths Executives Edit

The Executives branch is strictly meant for the highest ranking personnel in the RM Foundation, you must obtain the rank of Supervisor in order to gain entry. Executives get many perks, including, but not limited to, the ability to lockdown any door in any Facility.

ROMTECH- Roblox's Myths Technology Edit

This department is exclusive for developers of RM, the builder, scripters, GFX Artists, and clothing designers of the foundation.

Roblox's Myths Veterans Edit

After one year of service or greater, and a renowned reputation, you have the option to join the RM Veterans. An elite group of the most recognizable faces in the foundation. Entry to this department guarantees you a spot in the RM Hall of Fame.