Recently i have found a profile called HeShallSuffer. She has 2 games, and i found an additional one that wasn't on her profile. They are called His old cottage, Something is here... and Heaven. In His old cottage there is a house made from brown bricks, inside there is a bed, a sofa, a TV, a table with some plates and containers(?) on it. There are also some chairs and a shelf with cups of glass on it. There are also numbers on several of these items, a 4 on the chair, 3 on a plate and a 2 on the shelf. There is also a text saying: ,,Say the code in the chat...".

The other game Something is here... and Heaven are still unknown. Something is here... asks for the code presumibly used to open the door in His old cottage. Heaven expects something different and inside the thing we are locked inside of and need the code to open has some text on the wall saying: ,,Have you found the answer? Then more mysteries shall shine upon you."



Something is here

Something is here:

I'll add updates to this later when we find some more things out about it. If you found something interesting, be sure to comment it.

Links: HeShallSuffer:


Something is here:

His old cottage:


The chairs have been updated, the containers changed to plates, some red text appeared.