RM File #0010 - "Missing Dominus" Edit

Missing Dominus

B-Block "Class-A"



Subject Name: Missing Dominus

RM Classification: Class-A "Safe"

Containment Number: RMF-O-0005 (O5)

Last Recorded Incident: 3/21/2011

Description Edit

In 2011, rumors circulated that a Void Dominus, referred to some as the Missing Dominus, or the Deadly Dark Dominus, was released. Only 3 players had bought it, one of which was Merely. The other two players oddly had their accounts deleted shortly after purchasing this hat. Though why this happened is unknown, but that didn't stop the people from speculating.

Incidents Edit

  1. [3/18/2011] The missing Dominus was released and mysteriously taken off sale just 15 minutes after being made public. Three claimed the Dominus, Merely, and two other players named ████████ and █████.
  2. [3/19/2011] █████ was the first to go missing, account deleted, with no leads as to why he vanished. Roblox mods were questioned, and claimed they had not taken any action against him whatsoever, and that he had a spotless record. He was reported to have been seen last wearing the hat.
  3. [3/20/2011] ████████ disappeared the day after...leaving the mods and players alike scrambling for answers. Answers no one had...
  4. [3/21/2011] Roblox mods decided it would be best to completely remove the hat from the site in general, and it remains as a voided item in the catalog. Merely however, still has this item in his inventory, and to this day, has not worn it once.

Interrogations Edit

Interrogations will be added slowly over time, as we interrogate at the Containment Facility.

HQ Containment Procedure Edit

Missing Dominus' procedure will be added when the new CF is released.

Evidence Edit

Link to the Missing Dominus

Notes Edit

  • The missing dominus hat is no longer available
  • Yet another classic myth parodied later on by TinfoilBot.
  • Merely does not admit to owning the hat, nor likes to talk about it, despite it being visible in his inventory.


Written by Kazdam and BlackCrisisDrone

(Official RM File)