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"Noli shall crush you!" - The Tempest.

Noli, also known as “The Lord of the Void”, is depicted in many different ways, but he’s more commonly seen as a pitch-black figure wearing the “Tragedy” mask and the “Void Star”. Within the Roblox platform, Noli was known to have many abilities that weren’t fond of players during his time - causing him to be banned by Roblox moderators. However, many alternate accounts owned by Noli surfaced as time continued, which also got banned. Noli is worshipped by many families and players, from Lezus to the Cole Family (which are a few well-known members). When moderators are approached by questions of Noli, they avoid the topic and deny any evidence of Noli. Most of his story is still unknown. 


There have been many iterations of Noli's figure, most commonly wielding a Void Star and a Tragedy mask. At times, Noli has possessed the ability to wield melee weapons such as scythes and swords. Noli also appears to have abnormal glowing eyes and a black aura.


[9/5/2007] - After the “Mysterious Object” event on Roblox had ended, the Void Star was released to the public. Noli had gotten the first Void Star and is reported to display weird behavior shortly after. His physical appearance was a big part - anything he stood on would emit an odd aura, corrupt anything he stood on, shut games down, hack into accounts, and edit the site.

[9/10/2007] - Shortly after the incident and his termination, Noli re-appeared. He started to hack into accounts that had the Void Star and stole them. Once again, Noli terrorized the site, even shutting down Roblox’s games and stealing accounts. Mods were unable to ban him for over two weeks, chaos still ensuing. When mods were questioned about this period, they refused to speak.

[9/5/2008] - After one year, Noli reemerged. However, instead of causing chaos and destruction, he influenced hundreds of players to join his religious cult, with the use of the Void Star. This group came to be the Void Cult, who followed Noli and his teachings. Shortly after the creation of this cult, Noli vanished once again.

[5/16/2010] - Noli revives his original account, but that came with a few strange changes. An example of said change would be his avatar picture and last seen date would all be question marks - which was a side effect of the exploit Noli used. Noli posted “And so darkness descends” on the forums, which caused many Hunters to do everything in their power to remove Noli again. One hunter (name unknown) was able to contact a Roblox moderator and removed traces of Noli, wiping the site clean. 

[5/16/2012] - Different cult groups began to stir up chaos in the community, claiming that Noli would return once again, and bring down those who opposed him and the Void Cult. This would happen continuously throughout the years, typically happening on the 16th of each month. The cultists would hold summonings, hoping for their leader to return. The Void Cultists also harbored an extreme hatred against the myth community, believing they were the ones who caused their lord to disappear. 

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Additional Notes

  • Noli almost never speaks but is meaningful when he does speak.
  • Swajeudenoli is NOT a Noli account, it is an account dedicated to the myth.
  • Former seekers and speakers of Null will not respond to what they heard from Noli himself, many of those accounts end up banned.
  • Noli is the first user to have a genuine Cult following.
  • When angered, Noli is known to shut down the site, corrupt games, and remove accounts.
  • Despite being one of the smaller in size Class D members, he’s quite powerful.
  • A user named banworld posed as Noli in 2019, attempting to gain the attention of the community. Of course, this account was NOT Noli and was in fact, a fake.
  • There was a clock, supposedly counting down to the return of Noli. This was deemed as fake, as Noli didn’t return when the timer struck zero.