RM File #0008 - "Black Room" Edit

The Black Room

B-Block "Class-B"



Subject Name: The Black Room

RM Classification: Class-B "Unsafe"

Containment Number: RMF-S-0008 (S08)

Last Recorded Incident: 2/11/2010

Description Edit

In early 2010, a kid and his friend wanted to play a prank on his little brother. So together, they built a black room that was inescapable once inside. They said to the little brother, "Wait here and we'll be back" and left him there. After 2 hours, they came back to see he was still there in the exact same spot, both in game and in real life, waiting. They thought it was funny and told him to wait longer, they came back 7 hours later, and he was still there. 9 hours later they came back to tell him dinner was ready, he was gone. They looked around for him, until the friend pointed out, the brother was seemingly chatting in-game without anyone at the computer. Saying things like "Where are you guys?", "It's so dark in here", and "Please hurry back, I'm lonely". The brother thought this was a prank and kept looking around the room for his little brother. With no sign of him, they told their parents, who called to report him missing. After weeks of searching, the case was closed and the little brother was never seen again. Though legend has it, every now and then, when a player falls off the edge of the map in-game, they will be teleported to a black room...inescapable from the inside. In this black room, they will see the little boy's avatar, still asking when his brother will return for him.

HQ Containment Procedure Edit

Black Room's containment procedure will be detailed more when the new CF is released.

Evidence Edit

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Notes Edit

  • The Black Room only has one recorded instance of occurring, thus the incident logs have been excluded from this file.
  • Though many have come forth claiming to have seen the black room, even some as recent as 2017, no proof has been provided.
  • Many Easter eggs have been placed in games to simulate the Black Room, none are real that we have found.


Written by Kazdam

(Official RM File)